Medical Education

rsz_dollarphotoclub_69373304.jpgEducation has a profound effect on the success of our goals to provide the best vision care to people around the world through research. Without education to the providers and users in the medical community, research has little impact. Our goal is to empower both doctors and patients with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide and receive the best patient care resulting in optimized visual outcomes. Since 1988, the Foundation has provided intensive training to more than 600 eye surgeons on the latest surgical techniques, and provided thousands of hours of continuing education to optometrists (often the first point of contact for eye care) so they can appropriately identify conditions and provide information to patients to help prevent vision loss.

In addition, it is our hope that by providing this website and access to information, as well as to others experiencing vision problems in the Forum, that we may also empower patients with the knowledge and resources to better understand their condition and treatment options.