Dr. Francis Price Recognized for Lecture at Italian Meeting

On June 24th, Dr. Price was awarded one of the Medal Lectures at theItalian Society of Stem Cells and Ocular Surface (SICSSO). The congress was in Caserta, Italy from June 23 - 25, 2016. He spoke on "Choosing the Best Procedure for Endothelial Dysfunction" to a crowd of 400 guests. In the talk, he highlighted the major advances in cornea transplant techniques over the last 15 years.  In particular he discussed our studies which showed that the most advanced technique, called DMEK, dramatically reduces the risk that the recipient’s body will recognize that the donor tissue is foreign and begin to attack it.  Through a series of studies we showed that the reduced risk of rejection with DMEK allows us to safely cut back on the use of anti-rejection eye drops, and thereby cut the risk of serious side effects, such as glaucoma. Not all eye surgeons have adopted the most advanced techniques because they can be challenging. In an inpiring conclusion, Dr. Price asked the audience which technique they would choose to have performed on their own eyes.   
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