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I Am CRFA...Are You CRFA?

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Jerry Semler Portrait
Jerry Semler

Name: Jerry Semler

Work: Chairman Emeritus of American United Mutual Insurance Holding Company, parent of One America Financial Partners, Inc.

Role: Board member, since 2004

Why I joined the CRFA Board:
I joined the Board because I have continually been impressed with the mission, skills and passion that Dr. Price and his team have for giving people back the use of their eyes.  Over the years, I have seen the impact of the Foundation’s research and training of doctors who come to Indianapolis from all over the world.  And I believe that the research studies conducted each year to help advance, or refine, the ability of opthalmologists to help people regain their eyesight through cornea transplant.  The Foundation’s team demonstrates outstanding scientific leadership and global outreach but they are also down to earth, and I enjoy our interactions.

Why I Love CRFA:
Several things keep me involved with CRFA.  Recognizing that the Foundation helps people regain their sight, in some cases after years of lonely darkness, brings an inner satisfaction that is hard to describe.  It’s humbling and inspiring.  I enjoy sharing with other Board members, knowing that I am contributing to a great mission and a great group of people.  Lastly, there are many good charities in our city, and the Foundation takes its place among them as an innovative nonprofit that has earned our gratitude for the difference they are making each and every day.

My name is Jerry Semler and “I Am CRFA”.

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